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Aryadne Woodbridge

Creative Entrepreneur with a background in Communications and Commercial Portraiture

Portraying people and their stories helping them to communicate with their audience in a creative and authentic way is what makes me professionally satisfied.

The camera is like an extension of my arm. I enjoy spending time getting to know people and understanding how they genuinely want to position themselves digitally constantly creating and maintaining a current and meaningful digital presence.

I work in Orange County and Los Angeles directly with companies and entrepreneurs creating and producing visual, print and digital communication plans for marketing, branding and social media efforts.

My professional portraits are taken at my clients' offices, commercial establishments or at locations relevant to their projects.

When I'm not in the field taking pictures, I also work as a communication consultant for High profile Professionals.

At the end of my day, I love to enjoy my family and get ready for the next day that starts really early, at 5 am working out hard at Bootcamp.



is the mother-company and the oficial sponsor of the OC Brazil Business Club.

As a journalist in love with photography, I love to help my clients to create a creative communications strategy so that their overall image will send the right message to stakeholders.

I am the CEO of Collabore Brands, a creative communication boutique-style company that helps small business owners and influencers from Brazil in their international expansion to the US.



I started photographing in 2009 after I moved to US. At the time, I was a happy married woman looking for opportunities in SoCal.  I was struggling to maintain my career as a corporate communicator and so I decided to look for different ways to communicate my passions. Thats when I bought a camera and everything changed in my life.

From family portraits to commercial photography was very quick. Soon I realized my goal was to be creative and also provide my clients with a holistic creative service, from strategy to implementation.

Today I spent most of my time working as a creative communicator and a commercial photographer in Orange County and Los Angeles for professionals and small businesses.

My expertises are: headshots, Business and Personal Branding Portraits.

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